Santa Dress

Girls Santa Dress Construction

Here is a simple and fast way to make a girls Santa dress.

It turned out so stinkin’ cute. Doesn’t my granddaughter look so cute?


The first step is to find a red long sleeve knit dress in the size that fits your model. Check at Walmart, Target, or your favorite place to get clothes, or heck, make one! I found this one on Amazon. It is an affiliate link, so I may get a few cents if you click on it and buy. Pre-wash the dress because we are going to paint on it.

Next, I found a roll of fur at Hobby Lobby. I bought two rolls but had lots left on the second roll. You may only need one roll depending on the size of your dress. It is 4.15″ wide and the edges are finished. I found this one on Amazon for your convenience.

Fur to add to Santa Dress

Girls Santa Dress Construction

Measure around the neck, the sleeves, and the bottom of hem. Depending on your size, it will be different for everybody. Add one inch for seams. Cut your fur. Put right sides together and take a 1/2″ seam allowance. Do this for each measurement – the neck, each sleeve, and the hem. Next, take your fur piece and fold it wrong sides together. Pin to the right side of dress and take a 1/2″ seam allowance. Topstitch on the dress catching the seam, about 1/8″ from seam.

Santa Dress Construction


Next, let’s add a belt. You could just wear a belt with the dress, but maybe you don’t have time to look for one in the right size. Insert a piece of cardboard covered in freezer paper, inside the dress. This keeps the paint from seeping through. I roughly drew a belt to just the front of the dress. Mix black acrylic paint with textile medium, and paint on the belt. Use gold glitter paint for the buckle.

Paint belt on Santa Dress

Let the paint dry good. Heat set it by putting in the dryer for a few minutes or use a hair dryer on hot heat to set it.

Ta Da!! Done. Let me know if you make one of these. Happy sewing, friends.

Santa Dress
Santa Dress

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