Straight Skirt with pockets and elastic waist

How to Make a Straight Skirt

Want to learn how to make a straight skirt? I needed a skirt to go with a jacket I made to wear on Easter Sunday, so I wanted to share how to make a straight skirt with pockets and an elastic waist.

Supply List

Fabric of your choice

1/2″ wide elastic

Of Course, you need a sewing machine, thread, and some sewing supplies


Cut out your pattern

Are you a visual learner??? Watch video construction on YouTube:

Sew a 3/8″ seam to sew pockets on side seams of front and on side seams of back

Pockets on a straight skirt

With right sides together, pin the front to the back at side seams. Pin around pockets to large dot. Pin top of skirt down to large dot.

How to make a straight skirt with pockets

Leave an opening in pocket.

How to make a straight skirt

Assembly – how to make a straight skirt

Sew 5/8″ seams where pins are. Sew from the bottom of the skirt up to large dot. Pivot, and sew around pocket to top of pocket. Sew from other large dot to top of skirt.

Here are the sewn seams

Sewing a straight skirt

Clip the back seam below pocket. Press seams open on skirt. Press pockets toward the front and baste the pockets down.

basting stitch

Baste down the open seams. Alternatively, you could use Clover web tape to hold them down.

Waistband on how to make a straight skirt

Press down, 1 1/2″ on top waistband. Now you can press under 1/4″ on edge or serge the edge. I chose to serge. Sew 1/8″ from edge leaving an opening to insert elastic. Run another row of stitching, leaving an opening, 5/8″ from top edge.

Elastic on a straight skirt

Using a bodkin, insert your elastic in the top row first. Sew ends of elastic together, making sure it’s not twisted. Next, insert the bottom row of elastic and repeat.

Sew the opening closed.

Elastic waist double rows

Turn up hem 2 1/4″ and press. Turn under 1/4″ and press OR serge the edge. Hem the bottom by whipstitching on using a blind hem stitch on your sewing machine.

Ta da! Way to go!

Straight Skirt with pockets and elastic waist
Jacket and straight skirt

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