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Nursery Organization

Nesting needs took over this weekend and allowed me to completely organize baby girl’s closet and dresser.  I went crazy, like Sheldon in Howard and Burnadette’s closet.  I needed to do a little nursery organization.  You can see the results!

Closet Organization

Here is a look at the full closet:  As you can tell, I used several free-standing shelves to get a little more organization.

I made dividers for the clothing to avoid looking at 4 different outfits’ sizes before filing away a shirt! A tutorial on how I made the dividers can be found here.

This is a closer look at the bottom half.  I made fabric covered boxes to store socks, undies, outgrown clothes, and quick go bags. A tutorial on how I covered the boxes can be found here.

 The middle shelf (from top left to bottom right) includes stacked burp rags, a bottle carrier, stacked swaddlers, folded blankets, toys, extra wipes, wet bag, rolled receiving blankets, and more burp rags!

Dresser Organization

Here is the top drawer of the dresser:

 As you can see, I used drawer dividers in order to organize all the tiny items.  I made these the same way as the fabric box tutorial found here but on a smaller scale.  This drawer was revamped a bit once Ellie got older during the re-organization.

 Top Drawer Left: correctly sized (NB right now) diapers and correctly sized (0-3 mo) sleepers/gowns.  Yes, there are sweet little messages on each diaper written by the ladies at my shower to make me smile at 2 am.  (My favorites were, “Oops, I did it again!” and “Shit Happens!”)

 Top Drawer Middle: burp rags, Nose Freida, socks/mittens, Diaper Genie refill, backup Boppy covers, and backup changing pad cover.

 Top Drawer Right: hats and correctly sized (0-3 mo) onesies.

Here is the middle drawer, which was also tweaked a bit in the re-organization:

 Middle Drawer Left: One size up (3-6 mo) onesies and one size up (3-6 mo) pants and sleepers

 Middle Drawer Middle: Swaddlers, receiving blankets, and two sizes up pants (6-9 mo+)

 Middle Drawer Right: Baby leggings/tights.  I have ordered and plan to make a few more of these, so I left a little extra room!

 Bottom Drawer includes clothing greater than 9 months and some toys that Jelly Bean can play with down the road.

The dresser’s clothing order will rotate as Ellie grows into new sizes with the correct size moving up top and a little too big being in the middle drawer.  I mainly focused on putting items that were necessary for diaper changes and getting baby dressed close at hand in the dresser.  Less used items or backup items were then stored in the closet.

I’m sure there are countless ways to organize closets and dressers, especially for newborns with endless tiny items.  Each mom-to-be will just have to do what works best for her, which will likely change in the days following the new arrival.  My needs changed as Ellie grew, so a re-organization of the dresser was necessary, as I am sure it will be again.

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