We provide everyday instruction to beautify your life, your home, and your closet.  You may be on a budget or just want to get your hands dirty.  We want to help you add some “frosting” to your decor to make your home more you!  I want to teach you how to sew!  I want to share my experiences with life’s passions in hopes of you living out yours.
At my blog, Frosted Saddle, I write about how to make decorations for your home, how to redo and organize your existing rooms, planning a wedding or event with how-to instructions, and teach you how to sew and give you some sewing techniques.  If you are not into making your own, we have an online store where you can buy your own products.
I have found that so many people do not know where to start when making their own decor, clothing, or planning a wedding, especially when they are on a budget.  It is our mission to instruct you on how to do just that. We aspire to exhibit the fruits of the spirit through sharing.  It is our passion for you to have that feeling of self-satisfaction that you did it yourself.
One of the things our readers love most is that it is truly and uniquely their own creation.  I think you would enjoy these instructions, and I would love for you to dive in and get your own hands-on experience.  I encourage you to do-it-yourself.  You will be so glad you did!  Sprinkle a little glitter in your life!!!
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