Tote Bag DIY

Tote Bag DIY

Tote Bag DIY


For the fabric – I suggest using a heavier weight decor fabric,

Cut out your pieces for the Tote Bag DIY:

Tote Bag Fabric Cutting
Tote Bag Cut Pieces

If you are a visual learner – watch on YouTube!

Construct your bag for Tote Bag DIY


Fold in half lengthwise. Press. Unfold. Fold each side to center. Press. Fold each pressed side together. Press. Sew down each side of both straps 1/8” from each edge.

Tote Bag Straps


Fold down top 1/4” and another 1/4”. Sew along folded edge. This is the top of the pocket on one of the 6” sides.

Front and Back Body:

Mark the bottom of front and back body. Mark the bottom center of the pockets. Center the pocket on each body. Pin in place. There will be 6” on each side of pockets.

Tote Bag Pocket

Pin straps over each side of pockets overlapping pocket. There should be 5 1/8” to each side. Sew in place on each strap. Sew over the stitching on the strap 1/8”. Make sure the strap is not twisted. STOP 1” from top and make an X for support. Repeat on the back side.

Tote Bag Straps

Here is a diagram of the best way to stitch an X to support the straps. Remember to stop 1″ from the top.

Direction to sew X Tote Bag


Optionally, add a label to front above pocket.

Tote Bag Label


Apply fusible interfacing to bottom piece of bag. Best to use the Pellon Decor Bond Fusible Interfacing 809.

Tote Bag Interfacing


Put right sides together on 18” end at bottom of bag. Use a 3/8” seam. Repeat on the other side. Press seam toward bottom piece. Topstitch on bottom piece catching seam 1/8” away. Sew side seams together with 3/8” seam with right sides together. Repeat for other side seam.

Tote Bag DIY
Tote Bag Construction
Tote Bag Construction
Tote Bag Topstitching

Box the corners:

Fold a triangle at bottom to box the corners. Mark and sew 5 1/2” across triangle. Repeat on other side seam. Trim seam on each side to 1/4”. The YouTube video shows a more accurate description and instructions.


With right sides together, Sew side seams with 3/8” seams, leaving opening for turning on one side. Sew across triangles 5 1/2” at bottom like you did on the body of the bag. Trim seams. Turn the lining inside out. Insert the lining inside outer bag. Stuff handles down inside. That’s why we left 1” at top of handles. Put right sides together and sew around the top using 3/8” seam. Do not catch the handles. Turn through the opening. Press Sew the opening on the lining closed using 1/8” seam.


Topstitch around the top edge catching the straps using a 3/8” seam allowance.

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