Where to shop for wedding supplies

Where to shop for wedding supplies

This is a list on where to shop for wedding supplies that I’ve compiled after shopping at a plethora of places.


Beer mugs – Dollar Tree

Burlap – JoAnns

Card-stock and Envelopes – the

Chiffon – Hobby Hobby (use 1/2 price coupon)

Christmas Lights with brown cord – 34’ stringer

Christmas Lights with white cord – Hobby Lobby (get them on sale after Christmas)

Cookie Jars – Walmart or Amazon (affiliate link)

Fleece – JoAnns

Headpiece supplies – 

Lanterns –

Matchbooks –

Matchbooks – 

Redneck wine glasses – Amazon – Libbey County Fair drinking jar with plain panels (affiliate link)

Save the date magnets – 

Shot glasses –

More Shot glasses – 

Sparkers 36” –

Styrofoam balls – Hobby Lobby

Tablecloths –

Lots of supplies at 

Wedding Portrait 3

This is a just a short list.  I hope it helps.



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