Prom Dress Alteration Completed

Shorten Straps on Prom Dress

In the alterations that I take in, I often have to shorten straps on prom dresses. This can be a little more involved when the dress is lined. Furthermore, when you have sequins to deal with, it can get hairy. But y’all, it is totally doable! You Can Do It!!!

The first thing to do is to pull the strap through the lining on the inside.

Prom Dress Shorten Straps

This strap was way too tight to do it from the inside.

Supplies You Will Need to shorten straps on prom dress

Pins or clips


Needle and matching thread

After you have measured the dress while on, pull the straps up to determine how much needs to be taken out. I determined that it could be done from the outside. Make sure the amount you cut out, that the straps are the same distance across the strap, meaning when you sew it back together, that the new seams are the same size. Take your scissors and cut right into that puppy. You do want to make sure the shoulder seam is in the right place.

Cut out the amount to be taken up, being mindful to allow for the new seam, usually 3/8″ on each section of strap.

Prom Dress Shorten Straps2

Take the stitching out of the lining approximately 1 1/2″ down on each side. This particular dress has piping on the sides, so take extra precaution when matching up the seams. Pin at the piping and put a few hand stitches in to make sure it will match up.

Prom Dress Matching Piping
Prom Dress Alternation Hand Stitch

Sew to shorten straps on prom dress

Sew a 3/8″ seam in the dress strap, with the lining pulled back out of the way.

Open strap up. Fold one side of the lining down and hand stitch on the sides.

Prom Dress Alteration Lining

On the lining, fold under the seam and the sides; pin.

Prom Dress Alteration Lining Stitching

Overlap the lining to the other side of the lining; pin.

Prom Dress Alteration Lining Stitching3

Hand stitch the lining closed enclosing all the seams.

Prom Dress Alteration Lining Stitching4

Squeeze the seam down to reduce bulk. Y’all, I sometimes take a hammer or pliers to the seam to flatten it.

Voila, You did it!

Keep up with your time to know how much to charge!

Prom Dress Alteration Completed2

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