How to mend a stuffed animal

How to Mend a Stuffed Animal

My grandkids are rough on their stuffed animals.  Not sure exactly what they do, but I am constantly mending their lovies.  This little guy arrived in my sewing room this week.  Poor little bunny lost an ear.

Sewing or re-attaching ears on a stuffed animal bunny can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Whether your little one’s favorite plush bunny has lost an ear in the adventures of childhood or you’re creating a handmade bunny for the first time, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of sewing bunny ears with ease.

How to mend a stuffed animal

Materials Needed:

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Step 1: Assess the Damage

Examine the bunny to understand the extent of the damage. Identify the size and shape of the missing ear, and take note of the original fabric and stitching.  The original ear was actually available in this case.

Step 2: Choose Matching Fabric

Select a fabric that closely matches the original material of the bunny if the original one is lost. If possible, use a piece of the same fabric that’s inconspicuous, like the back or underside of the bunny.

Step 3: Create a Template

If the original ear is missing – Place the bunny on a piece of paper and trace the shape of the intact ear with a fabric marker or chalk. This will serve as your template for the new ear.

Step 4: Cut the Fabric

Use the template to cut out two identical ear shapes from the chosen fabric. Make sure to cut precisely along the lines to ensure a proper fit.

Step 5: Pin the Ear

Position the fabric ear over the damaged area on the bunny, aligning them with the remaining intact ear. There is most likely an opening where the ear came out.  Secure the fabric in place with pins, making sure it fits snugly and matches the original shape.

How to mend bunny ear
How to mend bunny ear

Step 6: Sew the Ear

Thread your needle with matching strong thread and begin stitching the new ear onto the bunny. Use a small, neat running stitch or a whip stitch to attach the fabric securely. Be sure to sew through both layers of fabric for a durable hold. Also, if there is an opening on the bunny past where the ear fits, be sure and stitch it closed too.

How to mend bunny ear

Step 7: Secure the Stitching

Tie a secure knot at the end of your stitching to prevent unraveling. Trim any excess thread and ensure that the new ear is firmly attached.


With a bit of patience and creativity, sewing bunny ears on a stuffed animal can breathe new life into a beloved toy. This DIY project allows you to showcase your sewing skills while restoring a cherished plush companion for hours of continued playtime joy. You can do this!!

Now you have a happy bunny. It even looks like he is smiling. :o) Happy Sewing!

How to mend bunny ear

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