Baskets, Baskets, and More Baskets

In the first few days/weeks home from the hospital with my newborn, I found that the use of baskets full of supplies strategically placed around my house to be very useful.

My breastfeeding basket moved around with me quite a bit.  It was either placed by my recliner, by the couch, or in the bedroom.  It contained not only burp rags, nipple shields, nipple butter, and bibs for feeding, but also my pain killers, colace, hand lotion, sanitizer, and chap stick.  Anything that I used regularly was all in this basket.  Between sanitizing and hand washing, my hands were VERY dry.  Hence, the lotion. Also included were breast pads to prevent leakage and a water bottle.  Breast feeding makes me very thirsty!

The medicine basket contains items for further down the road.  The alcohol and Q-tips have been put to good use with the cleaning of the umbilical stump.  Other components are cotton balls, temple thermometer, probiotics, gas drops, cold medicine, and medicine droppers.

The bathing basket can be moved to wherever you are bathing baby.  Sometimes we bathe Jelly Bean in the bathroom, and other times we bathe her in the kitchen sink.  Shampoo, lotion, baby oil, soap, washrags, and a safety first bag filled with nail clippers, a hair brush, combs, and a wash sponge.

A diaper changing basket can be moved around the house as needed.  My “basket” is in the bottom of Jelly Bean’s bassinet.  Included are burp rags, diapers, homemade wipes, receiving blankets, hats, and the breast pump.

The final basket is just for mommy.  This is the peri-care basket and can be moved to wherever you are using the potty.  Majority of these items were provided by the hospital, but I had back-ups of each item ready.  Overnight pads, mesh panties, prep H wipes (or tucks), spray bottle, Dermoplast, and numbing ointment.

These baskets were extremely handy, and the mobility of several items at once using only one hand was invaluable.  Hope this is helpful to other new mommies!

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