Wedding Wreath

How to make a rustic heart wreath


How to make a rustic heart wreath

There was a spot at the reception that needed something.  Something big! And being that it was a wedding, it seamed the perfect place to display love. So… I decided it called for a giant heart.  Learn how to make a rustic heart wreath for YOUR big day!

I used a large styrofoam heart shape.  You could very well use the new wire bases and wire the poofs on with chenille stems.

Supplies needed:

Floral Pick Machine

Steel Picks



Sheer Ribbon

Silk Gerbers

Now, you could wire each poof that you make, but this method of using a floral pick machine made the process so much easier.

I had burlap material, so I cut rectangles of burlap.  Bring both ends together, place on the steel pick, push down the handle and it squeezes it all together. Push the pick into the styrofoam.  Continue this around the whole heart.

If you don’t have access to the pick machine, take little pieces of floral wire and wrap it around the bottom and stick it in the styrofoam.  

Next, cut 6” strips of tulle in the colors of your wedding.  Repeat the same process just filling in any open areas, spreading it out evenly over the entire heart.

Wedding Wreath

After that, tie some bows with a sheer ribbon in your colors.  Mine was brown.  Tie with a wire.  Insert the bows around the heart – spread out.

I wanted the pop of pink and to add a few flowers to tie it in with the theme of the wedding.  Cut the stems of the gerbers with wire cutters, leaving enough to insert into the styrofoam.  Add them to the heart.  It always looks better to have an odd number.  

That’s it folks.  This used a lot of burlap, but I bought a lot of yards of it. Now you know how to make a rustic heart wreath.  Enjoy!

Wedding Wreath

I was able to keep these, (I made two of them), and use them as decor in my sewing room.


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