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Etched Beer Mugs and Redneck Wine Glasses


Learn how to make your very own etched beer mugs and redneck wine glasses


Want to learn to make etched beer mugs and redneck wine glasses?  These are the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Have them at the head table at the reception to use and let them take ’em home.  Moreover, they will love them!  This is a fun gift for any occasion.  As a result, start now and have them ready for everybody on your Christmas list.

You will need:

Glass Etching

Firstly, purchase

you need to purchase the mugs and the handled pint mason jars.  The least expensive-best quality mugs I could find were at The Dollar Tree.  As a result, you have to be lucky to find them and the amount you need.  However, the search is worth it.  Most importantly, they were only $1 each.  In addition, I also purchased the candlesticks for $1 each from The Dollar Tree.  These are used for the stem on the redneck wine glasses.  If you have trouble finding them, click the link above from Amazon.

Glass Etching

I had to order the mason jars with handles.  I got the Libbey’s brand and ordered 12 in a case from Amazon. (link above)  But I used them all.  Most importantly, you want to get the ones that do not have words imprinted on the front of the jar.  That is to say, the front of the jar needs to be blank so you can etch the name on it.

Secondly, clean

You need to clean the mugs and jars.  To clarify, take off the labels and wash them with dishwashing detergent.

Glass Etching

Third, print

Print the names you want to use on your home printer.  Use a font that can be easily cut out.  To clarify, make sure the length of the name fits across the front of the mug or jar you are putting it on.  After that, tape this on the inside of the jar at the position to be etched.

Glass etching

Fourth, cover and cut

Cover the jar or mug with clear contact paper.  Subsequently, peel the paper backing off and place over entire jar making sure the front is stuck down really good.

Glass Etching

Use an exacto knife to cut out the letters on the name. Remove the letters you cut.  It is now ready to etch.  Now this is the process I used.  However, I have since discovered the Cricut.  Y’all this is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.  Now my daughter is teaching me things.  Go figure.  So just cut out the contact paper on your cricut and lay it on the jar and press down good.  It was magical really!!!

Personalize beer mugs

Finally, etch and finish

Lay the jars down with the name facing up and apply the Armour Etch cream with a paintbrush.  I used one from a watercolor set I had.  You should wear some disposable gloves as it suggests.  You only have to leave it on for about 5-10 minutes.  I did 10 just to be sure.  Then hold it under running water till it all rinses off.  You should still have your disposable gloves on.

Glass Etching red neck wine glass



In conclusion, dry off with a dishtowel.  Take the contact paper off and the printed name and dispose of them.


Voila – You are done.  You did it.  These etched beer mugs and redneck wine glasses make the perfect gift for your groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the entire wedding party.


Now, lastly, if you want to make your jar into a wine glass, you will need a glass candlestick and some E6000 glue.  Follow directions on the glue and glue it on the bottom.  Let it dry for 24 hours.  To sum it up, if you are gifting this, tie a piece of raffia or jute around the candlestick.


Okay – Now you are done.  Good job!

Personalized beer mugs and red neck wine glasses


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Etched beer mugs and redneck wine glass DIY

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