Wedding Backdrop

How to make a backdrop for your wedding and reception

How to make a backdrop for your wedding and reception

Every little girl dreams of a fairytale wedding.  Twinkle lights somehow enthralls the picture of a fairytale wedding.   I want to teach you how to make a chiffon lighted backdrop for your wedding reception.  Also, a lit tree for the backdrop of a wedding ceremony.  And one last way to use chiffon with burlap.

This setup was in a country barn.  The curtain was behind the head table.  The framing was made of wood and we were able to nail directly to the pillars.  The lights didn’t show up very well until after the sun set because of the windows behind it.  

Wedding Backdrop

Get your supplies

First of all, I ordered a 50 yard bolt of white chiffon from Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon.  So, it was half price plus cheaper by the bolt.  Score!!


Measure the height of the area you want to create a backdrop.  Take the height and add 5 1/2” and cut pieces that length.  Measure the width of the area and multiply by 2.  This make a nice gather.  At the top of each curtain, turn down 2 1/2” and make a seam.  This forms a casing to hang the curtain.

Purchase wood for your curtain rod.  This is very sturdy and will not sag.  I got them from Lowes.  You need pine wood 1/2” x 1 1/2” in a length of the area you are covering. (furring strips).  I purchased the 8’ strips.  I measured the width between the window frames and cut the wood that length.  It may take two curtains depending on the width, for each section.

Find the sales

You will need twinkle lights.  The best time to purchase these are right after Christmas.  Stock up on them.  Get the ones with the white cords.  Be sure and take them out of the package and hang them up where you can so that they uncoil.  They will hang further down covering more space.  

Drape the lights behind the curtains you made.  I took another length of wood and put tiny nails on it to drape the light cords on.

Finally, you are ready to hang them up.  Make sure there are enough plug ins to accommodate the lights.  An extension cord may be in order.  Might even need a surge protector. 

Lit tree backdrop

Wedding Tree

Now for this you will definitely need an extension cord.  This majestic tree stood at the end of the aisle at this wedding.  

Start at the base of the tree and work up wrapping the tree.  Trust me, when I say it is better to have at least two people working on this.  You get a little dizzy if it’s only you.  LOL.  But for real.

Get the lights with a brown cord so it blends in with the bark of the tree.

I ordered mine from  and purchased the 34’ stringer on brown cord.

Burlap/Curtain Backdrop

Curtain backdrop

You have to really view the venue and the place where you will end up after coming down the aisle.  You want it to express who you are and the feeling you want to portray.  

This wedding had a rustic shabby-chic vibe.

We measured the length we needed and draped it over the beam above.  It is burlap from JoAnns’ and chiffon from Hobby Lobby.  Use those coupons, folks.  We tied the curtain back to the brick pillar with jute rope.  This setup took 17 yards of burlap and 17 yards of chiffon.

Share in the comments the backdrops you created.  Thanks for reading!


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