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Flower Girl Ideas


Flower Girl Ideas, basket, gifts, headband

That country wedding you are planning – here are some great flower girl ideas.  I have some great DIY instructions for a basket, a headband, a belt, and a gift.  I purchased little denim shirts and lace shorts.  The girls provided their own boots.

Flower Girl Attire

Are they not adorable?

Handmade Belt

Next, they needed a belt.  We weren’t happy with any we could find in their size, so I decided to make some.

I found some brown decorative elastic, a cute big button, and a brown pony tail holder.

Cut the elastic 4 inches longer than their waist measurement.

Feed one end through the pony tail holder and fold back onto itself and sew a straight stitch 1 inch in.

Lastly sew the button 2 inches in and fold the end back about 1/2 inch and straight stitch.

Put it on and put the pony tail holder over the button.  Ta da!

Flower Girl Belt Elastic

Let’s top it off with a headband.


I purchased a ready made headband to get the right color.  See this post for headpieces.

Take some ribbon and make loops and stitch down.

I also purchased the flowers, but you could definitely make your own, then hand stitched them on to the headband on top of the ribbon.

And of course, you have to embellish it with jewels.  It turned out so cute.

You can also hot glue the flowers down if you prefer.

Flower Girl Headband flowers

You can also make this flower girl headpiece DIY.

Flower girl halo

We have to have a basket for those flower petals, right?


I purchased a cheap little basket – and to country it up, I glued down jute rope around the basket.  You can use Elmers glue, but I prefer Mod Podge.  It helps to put it on wax paper to dry because it gets sticky.  Yes, I had glue all over my hands trying to get the rope on it evenly.

Add a gerber daisy to the side.  Hot glue it down.  Top it off with a jewel.  Or if you prefer, just add a ribbon.

Flower Girl Basket 1

Flower girl basket jute

Flower girl basket

Flower girl dress

Fleece blanket

Lastly, we need a gift for those sweet girls, so I embroidered their name on a cute fleece rectangle and tied the edges.  They loved them!  Here are directions on how to make the tied no-sew fleece blanket.

Tied embroidered fleece blanket

This is another set of dresses that I made.  The country charm of this wedding is that it was all about ruffles.

Flower girl dress3



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