Chandelier Dismantle

Chandelier Makeover

Chandelier Makeover

My daughter bought a new house and it had this chandelier hanging over an old dining table.  It definitely needed a makeover!

Chandelier Before Makeover


She was not too crazy about it, but wanted one similar to it hanging in her daughter’s room.  So I told her we should update it a little bit and move it to her little girl’s room.  You can find these old chandeliers in older homes or at thrift stores.  It was time for a chandelier makeover!!


This is what it looked like before:

Chandelier Before Makeover



So, first things first, I gathered the supplies I would need for the chandelier makeover.

Chandelier Dismantle

Chandelier Dismantle 2


Secondly, you need to dismantle the chandelier!

Unscrew the bulbs.

Take the top caps off.

Use the needle nose pliers to slightly open the jump rings

and remove all the hanging crystals.  If you have different

sizes, be sure and take a picture beforehand so you will

know how to put it back together.  Take the base surround of the candle thingy off.


Next step in your chandelier makeover:

You are going to clean it up super good!!!  Wet your rag and wipe it down.  I used a little bit of dishwashing soap in the water.  And clean it with a clean rag to remove any soap.

Chandelier Parts

Put some paper over the cardboard and tape it on so you don’t add paint to that area.



Get out the spray paint and transform your chandelier.  Don’t forget to paint the candle caps if your chandelier has them.  The metallic gold was a good choice and made the crystal’s really light up.  An antique brown would work nice also for a farmhouse decor.  I sprayed this in the garage.  I ended up getting some wire and hanging it up on the rafters so I could paint the bottom of it really well.  You will be looking at it standing from below it.


Chandelier Paint


Painting Your Chandelier



I had my husband hang the final project for me.  He attached the wiring, taped it up and screwed it to the ceiling.

She was so happy with the completed chandelier!!  Check it out


Chandelier Project


If you like this, I would much appreciate a share.  Thanks in advance!

Chandelier Makeover

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