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DIY a wedding guest sign in board


DIY a wedding guest sign-in board

Want a different approach rather than the traditional sign-in book?  Then let’s DIY a wedding guest sign-in board!  What do you say?

Supplies needed:

1 x 4 pine wood

Chop Saw

Sander or sandpaper

Brad nailer or screws


White paint

White paint pens

First – Cut

Use the chop saw to cut the pine.  Cut 5 of them into 36” long pieces.  In addition, cut 2 – 15” pieces for cross pieces on the back.

Second – Sand

Use the sander or a piece of sandpaper to smooth out the wood.  Likewise, sand on the ends and the front.  Be sure and wipe it down good.  Cheesecloth works well.

Third – Nail

Position the two cross pieces on the back and use the brad nailer to hold all the pieces in place.  You need two pieces.  

Fourth – Stain

Paint on the stain with a foam brush.  Leave on for 5-10 minutes and wipe down with a clean cloth.  I use old socks. lol. Let it dry overnight.

Wedding Sign In Stained

Fifth – Paint

Make a heart stencil and paint with white paint.

Use a paint pen to add a name or the word love in the heart.

It is ready for signatures.

Wedding Sign In Painted


Lastly – Decorate the pens

Use white paint pens for the signatures.  Of course, I had to gussy up the pens.  My husband tells me I never know when to quit.  lol.  

I had leftover lace from my candles.  Put a dab of hot glue close to the tip.  Wrap around the pen ending at the top.  Use another dab of glue to hold it in place.

Tie a small bow and hot glue it to the tip to decorate it up.

Wedding Signing Pens

In conclusion, This signed piece of art from your family and friends can adorn the wall in your new house.  Cool, eh? 

Wedding Sign in Signed


Another fun alternative for a sign in book is to have a hard cover book made from your engagement session and let the guests sign on any page in the book.

Sign in book2

Cover your own album for pictures and for a guest book.

Sign in book

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  1. Thank you for the thorough description! Im doing something similar for my wedding (corn hole boards). Did you seal this with polyurethane or epoxy? I’ve read some places that it will bleed the sharpie then? Any input would be appreciated

    1. I used the “Minwax” stain and polyurethane in one step. It was sealed with the stain mixture. We used paint pens and it worked great.