Flower girl halo

Flower Girl Headpiece DIY

If you are having fun doing a lot of DIY projects for your wedding, here is a way to make your own.  This is something fast and easy to do if you want the headpiece to be the right size and also the color you want to use.  These are my flower girl headpiece DIY examples and instructions.

It is your choice whether to make them more elegant or more rustic or something in between.

Flower Girl Headband flowers

For this floral headband

I purchased the headband and the flowers.  I found this awesome website for ready made items. www.hairbowcenter.com

To clarify, I made loops with a ribbon and sewed them to the headband.  Then sewed down the flower, or you can hot glue it on.  Put at least 3 flowers.  You should have odd numbers.

Here is a different take

I made a floral halo with fresh flowers.  In short, I used fresh babies breath on these.

Flower girl halo

Supplies you will need for your flower girl headpiece diy:

Fresh babies breath flowers (gypsophila)

18 gauge floral wire

26 gauge floral wire

floral tape

wire cutters

Ribbon for bow

First, you want to cut little clusters of babies breath.

Next, use the 26 gauge floral wire.  Bend the wire in half and loop around the bottom stem of the bunch.  Tape with floral tape.

After that, take the 18 gauge floral wire and bend in half.  Leave a little loop at the bend.

Measure your flower girl’s head to get the length you will need.

Take each poof of wired babies breath and tape to the 18 gauge wire, going from side to side and down the middle.

At the end of the wire, fold it down to make a hook.  This hook will latch into the loop you started with.  It can be adjusted to fit later.

To sum it up, make a bow and add it to the beginning where the loop is.

You can make these up to 2 days ahead of time if you keep them in the refrigerator.

So, so sweet, don’t ya think?

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