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How to Appliqué

Learn how to appliqué

Have you always wanted to know how to appliqué?  Keep reading to learn the basics of how I appliqué.  I’ve always loved how a nice satin stitch makes your design look so professional.

Things you will need:

Pick out the pattern you want on your fabric.  The following pictures show a bow-tie on a baby bib, the number five on a jersey I made for my grandson, and a steer on a pillow for some precious girls I love.  Either draw your pattern, buy a pattern, or download a shape from the internet.

Iron your wonder under on the wrong side of the fabric you want for your pattern.  Trace the pattern on the paper side of the wonder under.   Be sure and mirror image the pattern.  The bow-tie didn’t need to be mirror imaged, but the number five did need to be.  The steer could have been facing either way.

Cut out your image from the fabric/pattern.  Take the paper backing off of the pattern.  If you have trouble getting the edge up, just score the paper with a straight pin and it will be easier to peel up.

Trace pattern

Cut out


Iron your pattern on –

Position your image on your garment/pillow/whatever you are enhancing.  Iron it on.  I use a teflon press sheet so nothing transfers to my iron.


For a stabilizer on the back, I like to use freezer paper because it tears off easily.  Plus you can press it on so it stays in place.  Put the shiny side toward the fabric on the inside of your garment or pillow or bib, etc.  The following shows the back of the appliqué.

Freezer Paper Backing Back of Pillow

After that, you are ready to sew.

Here’s how to appliqué!
Ready?  I like a tight satin stitch on mine.  Set your machine for a zig zag stitch.  For stitch width, it depends on the size of your pattern.  It could be anywhere from 3.5 – 6.0 width.  For stitch length, go about .5 – .7.  You want it close for a satin stitch.  You could use a looser length for a different look.  The secret is to loosen your tension to about 3.  You don’t want any stitches pulling to the front.  The looser tension will pull more to the back.

The needle needs to go in the material right on the outside of the appliqué.  Depending on the stitch width, it will go to the inside of the appliqué.  When you get to the corner, stop with the needle down on the outside, and turn the material.  For an inside corner, sew past the material the distance of the width of your stitch and stop with the needle down on the inside and pivot.

Stitch Satin Stitch 2 Pivot Pivot Outside Pivot inside

Once you have surrounded the pattern, as a result, tear away the freezer paper from the back.  Voila, you are finished!!!

Tear Away

If you use more than one piece to your pattern, be sure to overlap the edges.

Satin Stitch Satin Stitch 3

To make the pillow, cut out the desired size.  Cut two pieces, a front and a back.  Put right sides together and stitch around entire square leaving a 3″ opening.

Pin Together

Trim the corners.

Trim Corners

Turn right side out and stuff with fiberfill.

Stuff pillow

After that, slip stitch the opening closed.

Slip stitch

DONE!  YAY – Great job!


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How to Applique


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