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How to make a fleece baby blanket with satin binding

How to make a fleece baby blanket with satin binding:


Pick out some fleece fabric for baby blanket

There are so many fun prints of fleece fabric.  The following will instruct you on how to make a fleece baby blanket with satin binding.  These blankets make the most wonderful gifts for a new mom and baby. Babies often stroke the satin on the edge.  It soothes them for some reason.  So get out your rotary cutter and thread your sewing machine and let’s get started!

A fleece baby blanket is 45″ by 60″.  For each blanket, you need to purchase a yard and a fourth of fabric.  I would suggest a yard and a half so you can square it up nicely.  Make sure the fleece is 60″ wide.  You will also need to purchase 6 yards of 2″ prepackaged satin binding in a color that compliments your fun fabric.

Square it up

Hold the material up with selvages together and shift the material until it hangs straight. (Without any ripples down to the fold)  You want to square up your fabric, so the first item of business is to cut the selvages off the edges.  Next, line the fabric up on your rotary mat and square up one side of the fabric.  I find it easiest to use a clear ruler and a rotary cutter.  Square up the other side.  You want to measure the width of the fabric after cutting the selvage off.  The width should be 60″ or close to that.  Then square up the remaining side measuring 45″.

Receiving Blanket

Blanket Baby Girl Square Up

Time to Bind – Satin binding

Connect your two packages of binding with a diagonal seam.  Put them at a 90 degree angle and join them.  Trim and press the seam open.

Blanket Baby Miter Binding Blanket Baby join Binding











Wrap the binding around the blanket.  One side on the front and one side on the back.  I use a wide zig-zag stitch and catch the front and back in one seam.  Start in the middle of the bottom and stitch.  When you get to the corners, miter the corner.  You will stitch to about 1/4″ of the edge, and backstitch far enough to match the width of the binding.  Next, fold the rest over to the next side and make a 45 degree angle.  You might have to manipulate it a bit to match the edge.  Stitch to the corner and backstitch.  Turn your blanket and stitch down the next side.  Do the same thing on the rest of the corners.

Blanket Baby Zig Zag Binding  Blanket Baby binding stitching











Blanket Baby Binding Corners

Blanket Baby Binding Corners 2












When you get back around to where you started.  Cut off the binding and turn under 1/4″ to 1/2″ and sew down.  Ta da!  You are finished.  Now, wasn’t that easy?  You are now qualified on how to make a fleece baby blanket with satin binding.

Blanket Baby Girl

Blanket Baby Monkey













You might want to make a swaddle blanket, too!

Whip out 3-4 receiving blankets while you are at it!

Now, let’s get adventurous and try a patchwork baby quilt!

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How to make a fleece baby blanket

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