How to make a crib sheet

How to make a crib sheet

How to make a crib sheet

Crib sheets are a necessity for new parents and their babies! Learn how to make your own crib sheet that will fit a standard-sized crib mattress.  This way you can make it in the same fabric as your baby’s bedding or to match your nursery.  It is also a great way to save money since crib sheets can be expensive. It is a good idea to make several sheets as babies can soil the sheets often, so it’s always a good to have 3 or 4 on hand. These are so easy and useful.   Make them for your own baby or give as a gift to someone!

Nursery Crib Set

Supplies Needed for making a crib sheet:

  • 2 yards of fabric (Keep in mind that crib sheets require frequent washing since they get soiled easily! Use a sturdy, but soft, woven fabric that washes well, such as 100% cotton or a flannel-cotton blend.  Get a matching fabric used in your nursery.  If giving as a gift, use plain or pastel colors)  Make double sure that the fabric you purchase is 44-45″ wide.  Some flannels are not that wide.
  • One package of 1/4″ wide elastic
  • Sewing machine and sewing supplies

Pre Wash Your Fabric:

Pre-washing the fabric helps to ensure it will not shrink after sewn. You want to make sure it will actually fit the mattress.  Dry in the dryer.  Press out the wrinkles.  Use a laundry detergent made for babies.


Cut your Fabric:

  • Fold your fabric piece in half lengthwise, having selvages even, then square off one end.  I use a rotary mat, rotary blade and a straight 6″ x 24″ clear ruler to square it up.  Measure from squared up edge and cut.  The length should be 67″ long.
  • Next, cut the selvages off at least a half inch.  This prevents the material from drawing up on the selvages.  From the fold measure 21 1/2″ and square it up.  The width should be 43″ total.
  • We are going to cut an 8″ square out of each corner.  To do this the easy way, leave the lengthwise fold, then fold crosswise and all four corners will be together.  Cut the 8″ square out on all corners with one cut.  

Your cut piece should measure 67″ long, 43″ across with an 8″ square cut out of each corner.  A measurement of 68″ x 44″ is fine too.



Time to Sew:

  1. With right sides together, bring seam lines together of 8″ cut out and stitch 1/2″ seam from outer edge to point.  Thus, forming a miter at each corner of the sheet.  Be sure and backstitch at point to secure it.  Repeat on each corner.
  2. Press the seam open.
  3. To form the casing and hem, press under 5/8″ on the raw edge all the way around, pressing under 1/4″ on raw edge.  Stitch close to inner pressed edge, leaving a 1″ opening 8 1/2″ from seam to insert elastic.  The area between the openings that goes around the corners at each short end of sheet will be the casing.
  4. Cut two pieces of elastic each measuring 22 1/2 ” long.  Attach a bodkin or a safety pin to one end of each piece of elastic.  Insert bodkin and elastic through opening in each casing, having the ends extend slightly beyond the opening.  Stitch across the ends of the elastic.  Remove bodkin or safety pin and then stitch openings closed.  

How to make a crib sheet


How to make a crib sheet


How to make a crib sheet



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How to make a crib sheet


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