Nursery Bumper Pad

How to make bumper pads to fit a standard crib

How to make bumper pads to fit a standard crib

I like to use Fairfield Nu-Foam.  It is a safe, alternative to foam.  It’s flame retardant, non-allergenic and easy to handle.  Nu-Foam won’t yellow or disintegrate like conventional foam.  Its density makes it ideal for crib bumper pads.  It is so thick that it doesn’t require quilting to retain its shape.  This fits a standard crib size 27″ x 52″.  I have made these for all my grandchildren.  Follow these instructions to learn how to make bumper pads to fit a standard crib.  Let’s get started!


Yardage and Supplies

Bumper covers take 3 1/4 yards of fabric with at least a 42″ usable width

ties – 3/4 yard of fabric or use a matching ribbon (13 1/2 yards)

Fairfield Nu-Foam six precut pieces – 10″ x 26″



Cut fabric for bumper covers – (12) @ 27″ x 11 3/4″

Cut ties – (24) @ 2″ x 20″


Instructions for assembly

Your seam allowances will be 3/8″. 

  1. First of all, for the ties, press 1/4″ to wrong side of all edges of tie pieces.  Fold in half lengthwise and edge stitch.  Repeat for other twenty-three ties.  Fold ties in half lengthwise.  Pin folded ends of ties to the right side of half of the bumper cover pieces.  Pin the loose ends of the ties down so they do not get caught in stitching.  You can also use ribbon and just cut the length of the ties.  I’ve done that on several of the bumper pads that I’ve made.  
  2. Next, It is totally optional – but… you can additionally add a ruffle to the top piece.  It makes it look more girly.  Cut 5″ wide strips.  To have a full ruffle, it needs to be 2 to 2 1/2 times the width.  If you have 60″ wide material, then one strip will make one ruffle.  If your material is 45″ wide, then you will need to join the pieces and cut them 68″ long. Press under 1/4″ on the short sides, then continue to press in half lengthwise.  You will now put a gathering stitch in the side with the raw edges.  Pull gathers up to fit the bumper pad.  In conclusion, stitch the top edge. 
  3. For the bumper pads, pin the bumper cover pieces with ties to the bumper cover pieces with no ties, with right sides together, making a total of six bumpers.  Stitch each cover, hence, leaving bottom edges open for turning.  Trim corners and turn right side out.  Slide the Nu-Foam into each cover.  Finally, stitch bottom edges closed with a slip-stitch.

How to make a bumper pad for a standard crib  

For a boy, a nice touch would be to add piping to the top edge.  The contrasting fabric really makes it pop.


Nursery Bumper Pad


This went perfectly with this homemade blanket.

Nursery Quilt Coral and Mint Green

Another Set

Nursery Bumper Pads

This is the finished nursery set for this set of bumper pads.

Nursery Crib Set



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How to make bumper pads



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