Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

After finding endless ideas for wine bottle crafts on Pinterest, my husband and I decided to attempt tiki torches. We started out gathering the supplies for this tutorial. After going to three different hardware stores and having multiple would-this-work conversations, we headed home without all the supplies and with a wasted Saturday morning, but we were determined.

We purchased the materials to create the tiki torch portion and needed to figure out how to hang them. Ryan spent hours in the garage trying to create a shelf to no avail. That’s when I noticed our empty flower pot hangers.

We discussed ways to use these hangers, when I decided to insert a bottle and twist the hook to hold the bottle upright.

We were going to make this work! Do the following steps to recreate these wine bottle tiki torches after removing the wine bottle labels.

1. Purchase a 1/2 x 3/8 copper coupling, a 1/2 copper cap, electrical tape, metal flower pot hanger, and a tiki replacement wick.

2. Wrap the 1/2 end of the copper coupling with electrical tape with enough wraps to fit it snugly into the bottle.

3. Slide the replacement wick into the coupling. We found that we needed to pinch the 1/2 end of the coupling a bit to keep the wick from sliding out.

4. Before filling the bottle with oil, use the bottle to twist the plant hanger 90 degrees as shown above.

5. While one person holds the bottle, the other clamps the hook around the neck. This takes some muscle and work, so Ryan did this part.

6. We could get the hook pretty tight, but the bottle still slid out. Remove the bottle, fill with oil, and slide in the wick, twisting to tighten in the coupling.

7. Slide the bottle back into the twisted hook.

8. Once through, wrap the bottle top with electrical tape thick enough so the bottle won’t slide through the hook.

9. The cap is to keep the wick dry.  Allow the wick to soak up the oil before lighting.

10. Enjoy your homemade tiki torch!!

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