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How to make a silk floral arrangement


How to make a silk floral arrangement

Do you need to spruce up your home decor, make aisle markers for your wedding, or do you need centerpieces for a party or reception?  You have come to the right place to learn how to make a silk floral arrangement.

I used to be a florist and want to share my easy to learn knowledge with you so you can make your own arrangements.  

Supplies you will need:

Some sort of container – this could be anything from a tin vase, a resin pot, a basket, etc.

Floral styrofoam blocks

For fresh flowers you would use these floral foam bricks.  They absorb water.

Silk flowers – a bush, or individual stems, or just greenery

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

OR Hot glue skillet

Wire cutters

Ribbon for a bow (optional)

Find the container of your choice.


pick out the flowers or greenery that you want to use.  I generally shop at Hobby Lobby.  They constantly have a half price sale going on and offer coupons if you get on their mailing list.  Plus, they have excellent choices with lots of colors.  


cut your styrofoam to fit your container.  You can cut it with a large knife.  Hot glue it down so it stays in place.  Be sure all the edges and corners have it filled in so the flower stems have something to go in to.  


Now you are ready to start arranging.  Place the container on a table.  Hold the stem up as tall as you want it and cut the stem at a length where it will penetrate the foam.

Floral Boxwood 

There is a floral pick machine that you can use to attach a steel pick to the bottom of the stem to help hold it in place.  I would use one of these if it were going to be outside like at a cemetery or on the porch, so the wind doesn’t blow them out.  This one is excellent.  You will need the steelpix also.

Start in the very middle and work out adding stems.  Keep turning the container to make sure it looks good from all sides.

If the stems are not long enough, just add a floral wire to it with floral tape.  I recommend this 18 gauge wire and this floral tape.

The container should be about 1/3 of the height.  The flowers or greenery should be the other 2/3.  There are different shapes to consider also.  It could be round where they are all the same distance around.  It can be triangular where the middle and sides are longer.  You could make one that was all just tall stems with branches and filler flowers.  It is all a matter of taste and where your arrangement will be displayed.

Wedding Aisle Markers

Wedding Arrangement

Continue adding all your flowers or greenery until you get the desired look you are going for.

If you are going to add a bow, now would be the time to adorn it with your bow.  Most home arrangements do not have a bow.

In conclusion,

it is all dependent on where you are going to use your beautiful arrangement and what is pleasing to your eye.

If you are making them for a wedding so that it is done ahead of time, be mindful of where you could use this arrangement after the wedding or who you could gift them to.  

PS – If you are making a silk floral arrangement for a vase at the cemetery, find the size of the vase and cut your styrofoam that size or purchase a Floracraft styrofoam base that is already fitted.  Make it at home and then take it to the cemetery.  Definitely use a steel pick on the end of each stem or use hot glue so they don’t blow out with the wind.  They also have plastic vases with the styrofoam already in them if your headstone doesn’t include a vase.  Or another option is a cemetery headstone saddle like this one here.  

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