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How to make a farmhouse wood sign with a quote

Is it time to update some of your home decor?  Well it was definitely time for me!  Therefore; I am going to share with you how to make a Farmhouse Wood Sign with a quote or scripture on it, then build your own frame for it.  My daughter, Hannah made these beautiful signs and I helped her.


There are several different methods and styles you can achieve this.  My favorite way is with white paint, stained letters, and to build your own frame around it.  This is the one I will start with.  You can also use white paint with painted black letters.  That’s another post.  Find it at the bottom of this one.  Also find below how to make signs with pickets.


The supplies you will need to achieve this method on how to make a farmhouse wood sign with a quote are as follows:

If you are framing out your wood, then you will also need


Let’s jump in and get started!!!  You will need a table saw or circular saw to cut your plywood to the size that you want it.  You can also have it cut to size at Lowe’s or Home Depot if you don’t have a saw.  My sizes all vary depending on the quote.  You can look in my store and see all the different sizes listed on each product.


You need to sand the edges of your wood piece.  Also use a fine grit for the surface.  Use cheesecloth or a microfiber towel to wipe all the dust off the top.



You are ready to stain the wood.  Follow the directions on the stain you are using.  Use some disposable gloves and brush the stain on, leave it a few minutes, and wipe down with an old sock.  A foam brush works nice.  Let this set and dry good while you go to the next step.  Don’t forget the sides and the back.

Home Decor Wood Sign Stain

If you are making more than one sign, like for everyone on your list ;o) then make these wood signs in an assembly line.


You will now get your Cricut machine out.  Cut the desired letters of your quote out.  Remove the vinyl and leave the letters on the mat.  You will now use transfer paper to place over the letters so that they stay uniform.  You can use clear contact paper if desired for transfer paper.  We tried using it for the letters but it stretched to much when trying to apply to the wood.  It saves a few dollars, for sure.


Transfer Design:

Place the transfer paper and letters on your stained wood and rub them on very firmly so that the letters stay on the wood.  Remove the transfer paper, making sure the letters are staying down on the wood piece.

Home Decor Wood Sign burnish


Time to Paint


The easiest way we found to paint over the letters was with a small paint roller.  It won’t show the brush marks from a paint brush and it’s a lot smoother finish.  Be careful not to move the vinyl letters.  If you use chalk paint, it will just take one thick coat.  We liked the way it looked even with a small amount of stain showing through the paint.

Home Decor Wood Sign Paint Coverage

Home Decor Wood Sign Paint

Home Decor Wood Sign Painting

Home Decor Wood Sign Paint Rolling


Remove lettering:

Before the paint dries, you need to remove the letters very carefully so as to not get paint on the stained area under the letters.  We used the Cricut tool Weeder.

Home Decor Wood Sign peeling letters

Let this dry for several hours.  We let it dry overnight.

Home Decor Wood Sign paint over stain

Home Decor Wood Sign close-up

In conclusion, you can stop at this point, but personally I think it looks so much more professional if you will add a frame to cover up the edges of the plywood.  This step isn’t really necessary if you use pine but still looks finished!


Build your frame:


Get some 1/2″ x 1″ strips of pine.  Measure the sides of your wood piece.  Measure each side separately in case they are slightly different.  Cut two pieces, one for each side.  Lay the side pieces next to the wood piece and take a measurement, including the sides, for the top and bottom.  Cut those two pieces.  Push together to see if you need to sand an end shorter to fit.  It will definitely help to have an extra set of hands to hold these together.  Sand your pieces.  Wipe down and stain these on all sides with the same color of stain that your wood piece was stained with.

Home Decor Wood Sign Frame

After it has dried, use a nail gun, being sure the nail head is going through to the wood piece, and not shooting through to the top of the wood piece.  Nail each side on, then nail the top and bottom.


Nail a hanger on the back, and then proceed to hang it up in your house.


YOU DID IT!  I’m so proud of you!  Now you know how to make a farmhouse wood sign with a quote on it!  I would love to see what saying you picked out and where you hung yours.  Leave it in the comments.


Thanks for reading.  Always be Awesome!


Here are a few of our pieces for inspiration:


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Here are a few vignette’s to show you groupings of how they can be hung.

Home Decor Wood Signs on the wall

Wood Sign Vignette

Vignette 2

Home Decor Wood Signs Vignette 3


Never fear – If you do not want to tackle these – then head over to the online shop and order yours.


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