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Hot Pad Table Runner DIY

Hot Pad Table Runner DIY

This is an easy cost effective way to make a hot pad table runner DIY.

First, pick your fabric for the top.  I used a buffalo check to match the decor in my dining room.

Second, cut the fabric out in a size that will fit in the middle of your dining table.  I have a longer table, so it was pretty long.  The measurements of this one is 16″ wide by 56″ long.

This will be the finished length.

Third, cut two towels the same size as your top.  I actually washed up two older towels.  These towels act as your hot pad.  You can also use insul-Bright for the hot pad lining.  

Fourth, you need a fabric for the backing. (the bottom)  I used a white denim.  I liked that it was a heavier fabric.  Cut it larger than the top so you can fold the edges over for your binding to finish.  It needs to be four inches larger.  At least two extra inches on each side.  Cut it a little bigger than that so you can quilt it, then trim it to two inches larger on each side.

Table Runner

Fifth, Quilt it!  Sew a straight stitch across every four inches or so.  I was able to use the straight lines of the squares.  Sew through all four layers to stabilize it.  This keeps it from bunching up when it is washed. 

Sixth, trim the backing, leaving two inches on each side.  

Seventh, fold up one inch of the backing to meet the edge.  Press if desired.  Next, fold up another inch onto the top fabric forming a binding.  Pin it.  Sew a straight stitch 1/8” from the edge.  

Miter the corners like you would for a quilt.

I’ve been able to place hot pots and pans directly on the fabric.  The two layers of towels are enough to protect the table.  Congratulations, you have finished your Hot Pad Table Runner DIY. Way to go!!!

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