Bridal Garter Tutorial

If you want your bridal garter in the colors of your wedding, AND if you want it to actually fit your leg – then make your own.  Follow this bridal garter tutorial to DIY for yourself.

You will need a sewing machine for this project.


Start with a flat piece of lace.  Measure around your thigh about 6” up from your knee.  Take this measurement and add 8”.   Cut the lace this length.  Make sure the lace is not too scratchy.  I used a soft cotton ecru lace from my stash.

Take a piece of satin ribbon and cut it the same length.


Sew the ribbon to the lace on each side close to the edge of the ribbon.  About 1/8” in.  Put it closer to one edge of the lace, but leave the lace showing on both sides.

This has made a casing to run your elastic through.


Take a piece of elastic (that will fit through your casing you made with the ribbon) and stretch it around your thigh.  Elastics vary depending on stretch.  Get it tight enough to stay up but not so tight that it cuts your circulation off.  Overlap it about 1/2”.

Weave your elastic through the casing with a safety pin or a bodkin.  Sew the elastic down on each end.


Now you will take a 1/2” seam with right sides together and sew.

Ready to embellish?  Tie a bow and hand sew it down to the garter when the ribbon casing is.


Top it off with a jewel or charm.  Therefore, I used a cross charm.

Have a little fun at the garter toss.  Purchase a football to wrap the garter on and have the groom toss the football for the garter toss.

Garter on Football

Football garter toss

I hope you enjoyed this bridal garter tutorial and will attempt your own.

Share your creation in the comments below.

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