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DIY 2×4 Wood Signs


Instead of using little place cards, make some of these DIY 2×4 wood signs to display at your wedding reception.  You can also make some for home decor.  The good thing about these is that they stand up on their own.


Print out your sentiment using the font you used for your wedding invitations and programs.  Use only one line, not two.  You want to make sure it fits the 4” side of the 2×4, which is really only 3 1/2” tall.  My font is Lavanderia Sturdy. You can download free fonts from the internet.

Print it out on card stock or parchment paper.

Trim around the edges, leaving a little space.

Now you have the measurement.  You know how long to cut the 2×4 to fit each sign.


I used a chop saw to cut my 2×4’s.


Sand the edges with a sander or a piece of sandpaper.

Use an air compressor to clean all the sawdust off the piece of wood.  Alternatively, you could use a piece of cheesecloth.  


Put two coats of paint on the 2×4 using the paint color of your choice.  I used a dark brown as it was part of our wedding colors and would easily blend with most decors if I wanted to use them again somewhere.

Let the paint dry good.


You are ready to add your print out to the piece of wood.  Use Mod Podge to glue it down with a paint brush.  Roll it out to get all of the air bubbles out.  If there are any stubborn air bubbles, use a straight pin to pop it and roll it down.  Once that has dried, paint Mod Podge over the top of the sign and on the edges of the wood to seal it all in.

Ta da, now you have a bold statement sealed in wood.  Way to go.  I knew you could do this!

Wooden Table Signs

Love blocks


Cut your blocks in the same size or different heights.  Glue down different scrap book paper to each one using Mod Podge.  Seal the whole block of wood.  Use your cricut to cut out letters in vinyl to spell out a word.  Display on a shelf or dresser at home.  Here are some examples.

Word Block - Score Word Block - Tech Word Block - Love Word Block - Peace Word Block - Faith

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