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Ellie’s Nursery

We finished Ellie’s nursery!  This accomplishment was more due to my husband’s need to complete a project than my nesting instincts.

“We have nine weeks left.  The last four you aren’t going to want to do anything, and two other weekends we will have company.  That means we only have three weekends to get this done, so we might as well get it done now.”  He’s not a worrier or anything…

Nursery reveal!

OKC 014

Ellie’s beautiful bedding was made by Grandma.  The extremely sturdy and amazing crib was crafted by my handy husband.

OKC 021

Close-up of the art I made for above the crib.

OKC 005

This is on the wall opposite the crib.  We went with a dresser/changing table combo that you can actually turn over to use as just a dresser once older.

OKC 001

Close up of art.  I painted the canvases (much to my husband’s dismay).  Daddy made the shelf.

OKC 012

Reading corner is beside the crib.  Shelves were made by daddy and pillows by grandma.

OKC 007

This is the wall perpendicular to the crib and changing pad walls.  I painted the canvases, frame, and E.  Aunt Hannah made the name string art.

OKC 006

Of course, the rocking chair.  We got the little pink table at Target.

OKC 017

I made this bow/flower/headband holder from a shadow box.

We are very pleased with the final result.  Now I just have some organizing and hair bow/flower making to do.  I have numerous other projects pinned, so hopefully those will satisfy my nesting needs.

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