Closet Dividers

Between hand-me-downs, garage sale finds, and gifts, our child has a closet full of clothing ranging from newborn to 2 years.  Every time we received another item of clothing, I would go to the closet and thumb through four or five shirts, dresses, and pants in order to find the correct section to hang the outfit into.  At seven and a half months pregnant, reaching up to do this feels like trying to place a box full of books on the top shelf: just exhausting.  So I made these handy closet dividers to avoid another fit of throwing the clothing on the ground in hormonal dismay.

  1. I started by cutting a slit into a CD and cutting out the inner clear circle.   
  2. I then cut a square of fabric surrounding the CD and cut eight notches from the edge of the fabric to the edge of the CD.  One of these notches went all the way from the edge to the center in order to line up with the slit in the CD.  (I have determined cotton is the best to use. The kind that is used in quilts)
  3.  Notches were also made in the center circle of the CD.
  4. Another piece of fabric was cut the same size of the CD.  Making sure to cut a slit in the circle, same as in the CD. 
  5. I covered the CD with Mod Podge.
  6. Line up the slit in the CD with the slit in the square piece of fabric.  The inside edges of your notches should line up with the edge of the CD.  Press down to adhere to CD. 
  7. Turn CD over (fabric down) and line with Mod Podge.  Fold over the outside edges of the fabric. 
  8. Line the inside of the CD and fold over the inside edges of the fabric. 
  9. Cover with Mod Podge and line up the slit in the circle shaped fabric with the slit in the CD.  Smooth down fabric and edges.  (I do this with my fingers covered in Mod Podge because you can work the fabric a little bit.)   You may want to separate the CD a little bit the make sure that your slit doesn’t dry and seal up.  You will need the slit in order to slide it onto the closet rack. 
  10. After the CD has dried, you can use a paint pen or sharpie to write the appropriate size.


You can customize these closet dividers and could likely use scrap book paper instead of material.  No more shuffling through clothing like a secretary trying to find the right file!

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