Gerber kissing balls

How to make a silk flower kissing ball aka pomander


How to make a silk flower kissing ball aka pomander

My daughters wedding was coming up and we did a lot of DIY projects to cut the cost.  I used to be a florist and have knowledge of how to make a silk flower kissing ball aka pomander.  Her favorite flower was a gerber daisy.

So, off we went to Hobby Lobby to see what we could find.  We found daisy flowering bushes in white and always went when they were 50% off.  We bought all they had umpteen different times.  Luckily, they always restocked them, and luckily, I always caught them on sale.

Supplies you will need:

Gerber flower bush or flower of your choice

Wire cutters

Black sharpie if you want the centers black

Hot glue gun or

Hot glue pan

Styrofoam balls in white – this one has 3″ up to 8″


First of all, cut each flower off of the bush.  Make the cut about an inch and a half below the bottom of the flower head with a good pair of wire cutters.

The silk flowers had a yellow center.  Well, my daughters favorite were the daisies with the black center.  So dear ole Mom complied.  All I had to do was take a black sharpie and color the center of each flower black.  Time consuming but so worth making my girl happy.

Gerber kissing balls

Gerber kissing balls

Gerber kissing balls


At this point, the flowers didn’t cover a large area.  It will help to lay the flower face down on the table and put a book on them to flatten them out a bit.  This helped to cover a larger area.

Gerber kissing balls

It also helped that the flowers were white and the styrofoam balls were white.  So, it wasn’t as noticeable to see bare spots.

Gerber kissing balls

The greenery wasn’t used on these particular pomanders, but you could just as easily add some to fill in any bare spots.

The orbs looked more striking to have them in different sizes.  The best sizes for the styrofoam balls are 3”, 5”, 6”, 8”, and 10”.


Next, add your flowers to the styrofoam balls.  Add a dab of glue to the end of the stem.  This holds it securely in place so it doesn’t fall out.  It also holds the flower head to the stem.  It is easier if you use the hot glue pan because you just have to dip the end of the stem in the glue in the pan instead of having to hold the flower, use the glue gun, then grab the orb to place it in.

Gerber kissing balls

Gerber kissing balls

Time to fill in the entire area.

Gerber kissing balls

Gerber kissing balls

In conclusion, the gerber kissing balls can be scattered down the aisle of your wedding. 

Gerber kissing balls

They can also be used in different spots at the reception.  Add them to your table centerpieces or on the serving tables. 

Gerber kissing balls

It is economic to use them down the wedding aisle, then transfer them to the reception and use them there also.

These can be added to your own decor or given as a gift.


If you want to hang them up, you need to add a ribbon to them.  To do that, attach a ribbon to a wire, bend the wire in half, then run the wire through the styrofoam.  You need to secure the wire at the bottom so it doesn’t pull out.  Put a small piece of wood and twist the wire around it.  I used a wooden floral pick, but you could also use a toothpick.  Attach this before you add the flowers.

You could also do this with fresh flowers.  You would purchase floral foam instead of styrofoam.  Soak it in water and put the fresh flowers in.  This could only be done about a day or two ahead of time so the foam doesn’t dry out.  Be sure and refrigerate it until the wedding.


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”  Colossians 3:23


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